Creating the
Digital DRS
Global Standard

Who We Are

DDRS Alliance aims to lead the development of Digital DRS solutions at a global level

The DDRS Alliance is a non-profit collaboration of the world’s leading industry and technology organisations that are working together to build and validate a Global Standard for a Digital DRS (Digital Deposit Return Scheme) with an open and fully-scalable system suitable for any multi-stakeholder environment.

Global scope

Countries can implement the solution easily and at lower cost, while ensuring the system is compatible with other DDRS systems and is supported by global brands and retailers.

Positive impact

Demonstrates a significant and positive impact to the local society, the environment and all participating organisations while minimising compromises.

Open & Neutral

Any country seeking to implement a DDRS can select their own preferred vendors based on capability and local preferences.


Using global standards, any capable vendor can integrate with the system, allowing multiple stakeholders to engage with consumers using just one upper DDRS layer.


A solution that can be applied to a range of return solutions and collection infrastructures and is applicable to a wide range of packaging formats. Applicable to other similar processes such as re-use.

What's DDRS?

A new approach to DRS, enabled through digitalisation of consumer products.

As a Deposit Return Scheme, Digital DRS (or DDRS) is designed to encourage consumers to recycle by offering a financial incentive, or deposit refund. Digital DRS is an emerging approach that uses product digitalisation to facilitate a future-proofed DRS solution. Besides the proven benefits of conventional DRS (through Reverse Vending Machines or RVMs), Digital DRS offers further potential advantages:

Lower costs

Its deployment and operation incur lower financial expenses compared to conventional DRS.

Carbon reduction

It has a lower carbon cost by leveraging existing infrastructure and collection processes.

More products

It encompasses a wider product scope as it can include any product with a digital identifier.


It works with any collection infrastructure and process that incorporate digital connectivity for the return of containers.


It enhances consumer engagement by providing more convenience and choice to consumers.

Valuable data

Enables the collection of valuable insights on purchasing, consumption and recycling behaviour.

How we operate

A structure that guarantees an optimal solution with a big impact.

The DDRS Alliance members comprises local and global organizations that cover all technological and operational aspects of Digital DRS. The Leadership Group oversees the desired overall system performance and ensures optimal coordination among members, working groups and implementation efforts. Additionally, the DDRS Alliance includes a community of supporters who align with the Alliance vision but are not obligated to actively support associated activities.


We are building the future of DRS

Here are the frontrunner entities that are part of the DDRS Alliance and are working together to create a standardised solution that maximises the global opportunity of Deposit Return Schemes.

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